Can I add more than one runtime kit on the Fenix TK75 flashlight?

The maximum runtime kits that you may add to the TK75 is 3 separate kits. One thing to note is that all the batteries throughout each tube and the whole flashlight must be the same milliamperage (mAh). So whether you have no tube with only 4 batteries, or 3 tubes (total of 16 batteries), they must all be the same milliamperage. If you are using the current model 5100 lumen TK75 you must also remember that only one of the battery carriers can be the USB rechargeable one that comes with the light. All additional carriers added must be the standard white carriers that come with the runtime kit.

As for the Fenix TK72R, unfortunately, an extended runtime kit is not available as of now. Since the light does not have any threads it is not possible to add any runtime kits to it. Learn more about why the Fenix TK72R won the Red Dot Award!

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