How do I know which Fenix Warranty & Repair Center will handle my service work?


Fenix Store is not the manufacturer of Fenix products. Fenixlight, Limited is the manufacturer.
(The message below is shared representing Fenixlight Limited, the manufacturer)

When purchasing Fenix products, it is important that customers are aware of the following:

  • If there is a problem with the Fenix product when it arrives at a customer's address, the customer will need to send the light back to the Fenix seller in the seller's location (country). This is important to understand if one purchases from a country other than your own. For example, if a USA customer orders a light from a Fenix seller in China, if there is a problem with the light when it arrives to the customer, the customer will need to send the light back to the seller in China.
  • Warranty work for Fenix lights is based on the light's serial number. Each serial number is linked to a particular Fenix distributor and country. So when warranty work is required, the light will have to go back to the country from which the light was purchased. This is important if you are purchasing a light from a seller in a country other than yours.
    For example, if you need warranty work on your light, you can call any Fenix Warranty & Repair Center. The Center will ask for your serial number. That serial tells the Center where your light was purchased and which Center is responsible for maintaining your light. The Center will direct you to the appropriate repair location based on your serial number.
  • In the USA, your Fenix Warranty and Repair Center is determined by your serial number. There are several USA Fenix Warranty & Repair Centers. Know your seller and ask the seller where your warranty work will be done if needed.
  • No matter where your purchase your light, it will be covered under the Fenix (manufacturer) warranty.
  • The Fenix Warranty is set by Fenix the manufacturer. However, individual Fenix dealers/sellers determine return/replacement policies. Know your seller's policies to avoid any surprises

In summary, know your sellers, their country location, and their return/replacement policies. 

To know where your Fenix Warranty Center is located, please send your light's serial number to us using this contact form.

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