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Fenix UC02 Troubleshooting StepsUpdated 2 years ago

  • If your light won't turn on or won't charge, be sure to remove the plastic insulation disc (please watch video) inside the flashlight body as soon as you get the light.
  • If the charging indicator is showing constant green while it is plugged in but the light is not working, the battery may be bad.
  • Confirm that the tail cap is screwed on all the way
  • Confirm that there is only one o-ring on each section that requires them. There will be 2 o-rings on the body on the side where the head piece connects and 1 o-ring on the tail cap. The o-ring that comes in the box is a spare. The light already has o-rings on it when you first remove it from the box. If you put on the spare o-ring, please remove it as this will prevent the light from making a full connection with the batteries.
  • Lubricate the o-ring using a small amount of petroleum jelly on the end of a cotton swab.

After you have completed the above troubleshooting steps, if your light is still not working, please click one of the two links below to request a repair:

  • If you purchased this product direct through Fenix-Store.com over a year ago, please click here to fill out or Return Authorization form.
  • If you purchased this product from another store or a different Fenix distributor, please click here to fill out our Return Authorization form.
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