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How do I charge my Fenix 18650 battery with the ARE-X1 charger via the Micro USB charging?Updated 2 years ago

Here is a summary on how to charge a battery: Insert the battery to match the polarity marks (+ and -). Plug the LITTLE end (Micro-USB) of the cable into your charger. The bigger end (regular USB or USB-A) of the cable plugs into your computer or other USB port that will give you power. 

Micro-USB Charging Port: The LED indicator displays red while charging and will turn green when the charging is complete. 5V, 1.5A adaptor or above is recommended.

Discharging: This feature allows you to charge an Android using the charger. This charger will charge any device that uses a micro-USB cable (NOT AN Apple device). First, put a fully charged battery in the battery cradle. Then take your cable and plug the USB end into the USB port on the CHARGER. Then take the micro end (little end) and plug into your USB device.

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