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How does the UV light for the Fenix LD32 UVC work?Updated 2 years ago

We highly recommend reading the LD32 UVC manual. 

How to use the UV light on the Fenix LD32 UVC:

1. The UV light is located on the side of the LD32. Unscrew the protective cover to reveal the LED. Place the cover on the tail of the LD32 to prevent losing it.

2. Aim the UV light at whatever object you'd like to disinfect. Aim the light about 2 cm away from the object and press the side switches at the same time to active the UV light. 

3. After using the UV light, place the protective cover back.

The LD32 UVC uses a Liteon 10mW UVC LED light for disinfection. Please note that UVC light does not work to reveal UV-sensitive inks or pigments in the same way that a regular UV light is known to.

Warning! The UVC light is dangerous to both humans and animals. DO NOT shine light onto humans or animals. Keep this flashlight away from children.

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