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What are things to consider when purchasing a charger?Updated 2 years ago

There are a number of types of chargers available. Fenix makes chargers to suit the needs and applications of most customers. Features to consider when purchasing a charger:

What battery types will the charger charge?

Some chargers will charge only 18650 batteries while others will charge a variety of rechargeable batteries. Before selecting a charger, know the battery type you will be using. Most Fenix chargers will charge a variety of battery types. However, it is important to check the charger description since some will charge only one or two types of batteries.

Where will you be when using the charger?

There are a number of different ways to use the charger--where to plug it in to operate it. So you need to know where will you be using it? If in your auto, make sure the charger has (or you can get) the cables to operate it in your car. Does the charger just have a USB cord? If you don't have a USB plug in your auto, you may have to get an adapter to convert it to a cigarette lighter. Do you want to use the charger in the house? If the charger only has a USB cable, then you will have to have a wall adapter or you can plug the charger into a USB port on your computer. Then some chargers have interchangeable cables as additional accessories. IMPORTANT: Know what cables come with your charger.

Do you want a LCD screen on your charger so you can monitor the status of your battery(ies)?

Knowing your battery "health" is important. Rechargeable batteries have a life so having a charger with an LCD screen is handy to know if your battery is coming to the end of its life. (As they age, the ability to recharge to 100% decreases.) LCD status screens can also show volts, time left to charge, etc. Fenix makes several chargers with LCD screens and some chargers without screens.

How many batteries do you want to charge at one time?

Chargers come with different charging ports (bays). You can get a single-bay charger or one with up to four bays. (Fenix makes chargers with 1, 2, or 4 bays.) If your flashlight requires two batteries, it will be more convenient to get at least a 2-bay charger. Otherwise, you will have to charge one battery and then a second one. That becomes frustrating and time consuming. 

Are you interested in low price or quality?

High-quality chargers like Fenix chargers have several features:

  • Each charging bay operates independently. So you can put just one battery in a multiple-bay charger and the one bay will operate. If you have an LCD status screen, the screen will show the status of the battery in each bay.
  • You will want a built-in multi-protection circuit board in your charger. This allows the charger to stop charging when the battery is fully charged. So, there will be no over charging and permits the charger to operate safely. This feature allows the battery(ies) to stay in the charger if you are away. These types of chargers are considered "smart chargers." All Fenix chargers are smart chargers, so you are assured of charging as safely as possible.

Do you want to use the battery charger to charge some of your other electronics?

Some battery chargers have a DISCHARGE feature. You can use the battery in the charger to charge your mobile phone, for example. This is a very handy feature. Several of the Fenix chargers have the ability to charge your other devices.

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