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What batteries should I use in my Fenix light?Updated 2 years ago

Fenix flashlights are compatible with many different brands of batteries. Different flashlights call for different battery types and not all battery manufacturers make all types of batteries!

Energizer: You can use any Energizer AA or AAA battery in a flashlight that takes AA or AAA batteries. Just be aware that not all flashlights can use rechargeable batteries.

Tenergy: Fenix lights support the use of Tenergy brand 18650 batteries and CR123A batteries. Please note that CR123A batteries are not rechargeable and flashlights that use them CANNOT use RCR123A batteries (rechargeable CR123As)

Panasonic: We have had good luck with customers using Panasonic brand 18650s.

FenixFenix produces their own line of all battery types that our flashlights use. We have multiple options for 18650 batteries, 14500 batteries, and 16340 batteries. Check each individual product's specifications to find which type is compatible with your light.

Most other reputable brands like Samsung are good as well!


Duracell: It is not recommended that you use Duracell alkaline (AA and AAA batteries) in Fenix flashlights. While Duracell is a good brand, they are known to slowly release a gas while they are not in use. Because Fenix lights are waterproof this gas cannot escape and therefore can cause corrosion build up which may damage your light.

Nuon: Nuon 18650 batteries have been seen on many occasions to not work consistently in Fenix lights

Surefire: Surefire 18650 batteries are not made in a safe way and have been the cause of several dangerous incidents that we are aware of. We recommend that you stay clear of these batteries.

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