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What is the best AA flashlight?Updated 2 years ago

"The Best" flashlight can vary a lot depending on what you need it for or what you plan to use it for!

The brightest AA flashlight that we have is the Fenix LD41 which has an output of 960 lumens. But it takes 4 batteries and is rather large, so it wouldn't really be "the best" if you are wanting something small to carry with you as an inexpensive Every Day Carry flashlight. In that case you might prefer the Fenix E12 V2 which, while it only has an output of 160 lumens, is one of our best sellers because it is small, lightweight, and super easy to carry with you as an EDC.

Browse our full list of Fenix AA flashlights. Please note that some models require more powerful 14500 batteries to achieve their full brightness output! Check each light's specifications for more information.

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