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Why does the BC21R V3 sometimes downshift to a lower output level?Updated 2 years ago

There are two reasons that this might happen. 

First, the light features Intelligent Overheat Protection which may be triggered after a period of use because high-powered LED lights can generate a lot of heat. When the light reaches 140° F (60° C), the overheat protection will be triggered and the light will step down to a lower output while it reduces temperature. Once the temperature is below that level you will be able to select the output again.

Second, Fenix flashlights feature digital brightness regulation. This means that if the light detects that the battery does not have enough energy to safely support the Turbo brightness level, it will drop to High and you won't be able to select Turbo again until the battery has been charged. This prevents the light from putting a strain on the battery and it ensures that your light will never flicker or fade out unexpectedly!

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