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Fenix E-Star FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Fenix E-Star Emergency flashlight

Is the E-Star Rechargeable?

Yes, the E-Star is rechargeable both through a built-in USB Type-C port as well as through a manual hand crank. The E-Star includes a rechargeable Ni-MH battery with low self-discharge that can be recharged through either of the above methods.

What is the beam angle of the E-Star?

The E-Star features the same spot/flood combination beam that you'll see from most Fenix flashlights. The "Hot spot" central beam angle is 22ºwith a wide spill "halo ring" beam angle of 78º

How does the E-Star's hand crank work?

The hand crank on the E-Star flashlight allows the unit to be operated even if the battery has dead or is not installed at all. The crank allows the conversion of manual muscle power into electricity using the built-in super capacitor. After only 20

What battery can be used in the E-Star?

The E-Star comes with a rechargeable 1300mAh low self-discharge Ni-MH battery. You may also use a standard alkaline AA battery with the E-Star flashlight. Alternatively, the E-Star's internal capacitor can allow the flashlight to work even without ba

Does the E-Star feature overheat protection?

Yes, the E-Star does have overheat protection. When the light is used in the Turbo mode for more than 1 minute the light will automatically step down to reduce temperature. The light can be stepped up into Turbo again if needed, but please be careful

What kind of LED is used in the E-Star?

The E-Star uses a high-quality white light LED which conforms to IES LM-80 standards.