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Fenix E09R FAQs

Can I change the battery in the Fenix E09R keychain flashlight?

The Fenix E09R mini flashlight has a built-in battery and cannot be removed or switched out for any other battery. The li-polymer built-in battery is easy to recharge using the USB-C port located on the flashlight.

What batteries can be used in the E09R?

The E09R comes with a built-in 800mAh Li-polymer battery. The battery is not removeable and no other batteries may be used in the light.

Is the E09R charging port waterproof?

The flashlight is waterproof to IP68 standards. However, the charging port is not internally waterproof and must be fully sealed to not be damaged.

What is the beam angle of the E09R?

The E09R features a two-part beam with both spot and flood characteristics. The main hot spot of the beam angle is 13°. The outer flood ring angle is 81°

What is the color temperature and standby current of the E09R?

The color temperature of the E09R's beam is 6200K. The standby current is less than 20µA.