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Fenix HL40R FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Fenix HL40R LED headlamp

Can I get a battery cable extension for my Fenix headlamp or bike light?

No, we do not have cable extension for our Fenix headlamps or bike lights.

Can I purchase a headband for Fenix headlamp?

Yes we do offer replacement headbands for purchase. Please contact our customer service department through our Contact Us form to see if the headband you need is available.

Can I purchase a more powerful battery for my Fenix HL40R headlamp than the 2000mAh battery it comes with?

No, the Fenix HL40R headlamp has a built-in 2000mAh Li-polymer battery pack and cannot be removed. You may like the Fenix HL60R instead since you can remove the battery and get a higher capacity one.

Can I use my Fenix HL40R headlamp while it's charging?

Yes, but the Fenix HL40R headlamp will only turn onto the reading mode of 4 lumens while its charging.

Do you sell diffusers or filters that would fit my Fenix headlamp?

The Fenix HL40R headlamp is our only headlamp that can fit a filter or diffuser. Check out the HL40R and the diffusers . This information may change in the future.

What batteries work in the Fenix HL40R headlamp?

The Fenix HL40R headlamp is only compatible with its included built-in battery. This battery cannot be removed or replaced.