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Fenix HL50 FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Fenix HL50 LED headlamp

Can I get a battery cable extension for my Fenix headlamp or bike light?

No, we do not have cable extension for our Fenix headlamps or bike lights.

Can I purchase a headband for Fenix headlamp?

Yes we do offer replacement headbands for purchase. Please contact our customer service department through our Contact Us form to see if the headband you need is available.

Can the Fenix HL50 headlamp use a 16340 lithium ion battery?

No, the Fenix HL50 is not compatible with 16340 batteries. By using any incompatible batteries you risk damaging the electronics of the flashlight. If you would like to get a small headlamp that runs on a 16340 battery we recommend the HM50R.

What batteries work in the Fenix HL50 headlamp?

The Fenix HL50 headlamp is compatible with one non-rechargeable CR123 lithium battery, one AA Alkaline battery, or one AA Ni-MH battery

What headlamps fit inside the APB-20 storage bag?

The APB-20 storage bag will fit the following headlamps:. HL10HL12RHL15HL16HL18RHL23HL26RHL30HL32RHL35HL40RHL50HL55HL60RHM50R

Which battery chargers will work with the Fenix HL50 batteries?

You can use the chargers listed below to charge AA Ni-MH batteries: ARE-X2, ARE-A4, ARE-A2, ARE-D1, ARE-D2. Check out our battery chargers to find one that will work for you.

Which battery chargers will work with the Fenix WT20R batteries?

The Fenix WT20R has a battery pack can only be charged directly through the light via micro USB.  The battery pack is not compatible with any battery chargers. However, charging the battery pack is easy. Learn more about the Fenix WT20R LED flashligh

Which Fenix headlamps are compatible with CR123 lithium batteries?

Here is a list of Fenix headlamps that are compatible with CR123A lithium batteries: HL60R, HL55, HP25R, HL50, HM50R, and HP30R. This information could change in the future.