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Fenix HP16R FAQs

What batteries can I use with the Fenix HP16R headlamp?

The Fenix HP16R headlamp comes with a rechargeable 3000mAh lithium-polymer battery. Alternatively, you can also use four AA batteries.

Does the HP16R feature overheat protection?

Yes, the headlamp may accumulate heat, especially when being used on higher output levels. When the headlamp gets to 149° F (65° C) it will drop from the highest outputs and will not allow them to be selected. Once the light cools below that threshol

What are the beam angles of the HP16R?

The HP16R features floodlight and a spotlight with a two-part beam with a center hot spot and wider flood ring. The spotlight beam angle has a central hotspot of 10° with an outer flood ring of 80°. The floodlight features an 80° beam angle