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Fenix LD30 FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Fenix LD30 LED flashlight

Can Fenix headlamps attach to a baseball cap?

Fenix headlamps are not able to attach to baseball caps. However, we do have flashlights that feature a reversible clip so that you can attach it onto a ball cap. Check out the Fenix E-LITE, RC05, RC11, PD36R, and LD30.

Do you have a small Fenix pocket flashlight with an output of around 1000 lumens?

The Fenix LD30 is a powerful pocket flashlight with a maximum output of 1600 lumens. This flashlight is perfect for everyday carry and is 4.2 inches in length. The Fenix E30R is also very compact and features a maximum output of 1600 lumens. It's 3.9

How does the LD30 battery-level indicator work?

The LD30 battery indicator will show a steady or flashing green or red light, depending on battery status. Please note that the battery level indicator will only work with 18650 batteries.

What batteries work in the Fenix LD30 flashlight?

The Fenix LD30 flashlight includes one ARB-L18-3400U USB-rechargeable 18650 battery. It is compatible with one 18650 li-ion battery or two non-rechargeable CR123 lithium batteries.

Which battery chargers will work with the Fenix LD30 batteries?

You can use the chargers listed below to charge 18650 lithium ion batteries: ARE-X1, ARE-X2, ARE-A4, ARE-A2, ARE-D1, ARE-D2, ARE-X11.

What kinds of LEDs are used in LD30?

The LD30 uses the LUMINUS SST40 LED