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Fenix TK20R UE FAQs

What kind of LEDs are used in TK20R UE?

A Luminus SST40 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

What is the color temperature of TK20R UE?

Around 6500K.

What is the operating voltage of TK20R UE?

The operating voltage is 3.0 V. The operating current is 4.2 A.

Is TK20R UE rechargeable? How long is the charging time?

Loosen the light head counterclockwise to reveal the USB Type-C charging port and the indicator. The indicator will display red while charging and will turn green when fully charged. Once charging is completed, be sure to tighten the light head to ma

Does the TK20R UE feature a lockout?

Yes, simply select the Lock/Off mode using the FlexiSensa tail switch.