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Fenix Rewards ProgramUpdated 2 years ago

Our loyalty reward program will allow you to earn reward points called Lumen Bucks. You must have an account on our Fenix-Store.com site before you can start earning points. You will automatically be signed up for the program when you create an account and if you already have one you are already a member! You can then earn 1 Lumen Buck per $1 you spend on our site at the base level called "Fenix Friend" and even more (up to 15 points per dollar!) as you get into higher earning tiers! You can also earn them by doing various other actions that don't cost you anything.

Once you earn enough points, you can then "cash" the points out for a certain reward. Your "level" in the reward program will also increase as you earn Lumen Bucks. Each higher leveled tier you get to will offer you a larger number of Lumen Bucks per dollar spent. The upper two tiers of the program will also offer you free expedited shipping on every Fenix-Store order!

Remember that the rewards you earn are given as coupon codes and only one code can be used per order. It's best to save your rewards to use them when we don't have a sale going on!

Become a Fenix Rewards Member and start earning Lumen Bucks today!  To Join or View Your Account, please click HERE

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