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Fenix Rewards Program

Our loyalty reward program will allow you to earn reward points called Lumen Bucks. You must have an account on our Fenix-Store.com site before you can start earning points. You will automatically be signed up for the program when you create an accou

Can I use Duracell batteries with my Fenix flashlight?

With lithium-ion batteries, we don't recommend using anything other than Fenix batteries. However, you are able to use a Duracell 18650 battery with many Fenix flashlights. With alkaline batteries, we do not recommend using Duracell batteries within

What is your return policy?

**FREE RETURN SHIPPING FOR ITEMS PURCHASED FROM FENIX STORE!**. Items purchased from Fenix-Store.com and returned within 30 days of purchase - Click HERE. - Option 1: Full refund. - Option 2: Replacement. - Option 3: Store Credit. If you choose store

How does the Lumen Bucks reward program work?

With our Loyalty Program, every time you shop with us you will be rewarded Lumen Bucks which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. For every $1 you spend with us, you receive 1 - 15 Lumen Bucks, depending on your Loyalty Tier. You can ca

With our Loyalty Program, every time you shop with us you will be rewarded Lumen Bucks which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. For every $1 you spend with us, you receive 1 - 15 Lumen Bucks, depending on your Loyalty Tier. You can ca

Below is the manufacturer's warranty.  The warranty depends on the Fenix product purchased. You can also see more information on warranty here. NOTICE:  THIS NEW UPGRADE WARRANTY WAS EFFECTIVE ON FENIX PRODUCTS PURCHASED AFTER JUNE 1, 2015.  All Feni

Do you engrave flashlights?

Have you ever gotten a less-than-desirable gift from the company you work for?. Do you have trouble deciding what corporate gift to give your employees or customers?. We have the answer!. Give the gift that will have employees or customers think of y

Can I purchase a new lens for my Fenix flashlight?

We do not carry replacement lenses, but we do offer replacement head pieces and other flashlight parts. Please reach out to us via the contact form with your flashlight's serial number if you're interested in purchasing a flashlight part.

Can I use multiple coupons at once?

Our system is only able to take one discount code at a time.

Can I take a flashlight on a plane?

According to TSA, you can bring a flashlight on a plane in both a checked bag or carry-on. However, there are some stipulations. With carry-on, your flashlight needs to be 7 inches or less. Anything larger will need to be checked. You can pack a flas

Where is Fenix-Store located?

Fenix-Store is an official retailer of Fenix products manufactured by Fenix Light Ltd. Our company is based in Virginia, but we have team members all over the USA!

What are the main things to consider when selecting a flashlight?

How Do I Know Which Flashlight to Select?. "There are too many choices!""Why this one over that one?". Have you ever said that? Then this will help you narrow down your MANY choices. With all the flashlight variations and models, it can sometimes be

What are some things I can do to make sure I get the longest life from my Fenix light?

Please review this page for tips on flashlight maintenance. Before returning your light for maintenance, please see if performing some maintenance will correct the issue. Remember, maintaining your light according to these suggestions will provide a

How can I check to see if my Fenix light is registered?

The product registration is done through the manufacturer directly. We have no way to check to see if your light is registered. You can try to reach out to them directly at [email protected]. They may be able to look at their records.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes! At Fenix-Store we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

How do I order a Fenix Catalog?

We would be happy to help you obtain a Fenix catalog. Please fill out our Contact Us form to order a Fenix catalog.

Does my online account show my Lumen Bucks reward point balance?

To see your Lumen Bucks balance, go to this page. You'll need to log in if you aren't already! On the same page you'll be able to redeem your points for rewards as well!

How do I subscribe to the Fenix-Store newsletter?

Subscribing to the Fenix-Store newsletter is the best way to receive information about sales, promotions, and new products! To subscribe, visit our Fenix-Store homepage and scroll down to the very bottom. You'll see Fenix Insider and a spot to enter

Where is my review?

Thank you for reviewing your purchase with Fenix-Store! 5-star reviews are automatically posted to the site. If your review was less than 5 stars you may not see it yet because we moderate all other reviews to ensure that they are pertinent to the pr

Is there a wishlist I can add products to?

We currently do not have wishlists on the site.

Can I get a copy of my receipt or invoice?

Yes! To access your receipt please log in to your account. From here you can see all previous purchases and receipts.

How do I become an affiliate with Fenix?

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Fenix Store. You can learn more and apply here.

Does Fenix-Store have a Twitter page I can follow?

Yes, we do! Please follow us on Twitter here! You can also follow us on other social media platforms:. Fenix-Store Facebook. Fenix-Store Youtube. Fenix-Store Instagram. Fenix-Store Pinterest