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How can I get my light repaired if it is out of warranty?Updated 2 years ago

We Love to See Older Fenix Models in Use!

There is no better display of quality for Fenix than to see a customer still using his/her light well beyond the warranty period. Therefore, it is our desire to repair your out-of-warranty light as long as feasible.

For the life of your light, repairs will be made with no labor charges and as long as parts are available from the manufacturer.  (There comes a time when the Fenix suppliers no longer make certain flashlight parts. For example, older Cree LED versions.) 

If we are able to get parts to repair your out-of-warranty light, you will never be charged labor to make the repairs. You will be charged a nominal amount for the part, and you are to pay shipping to the address provided on the Warranty and Repair Form.  The cost of return shipping of your product is included in the price of the part needed to repair your light.  

Steps to Return Your Out-of-Warranty Light

  1. Click here to find our repair request form. Select Option 3 when asked what service option you prefer.
  2. A member of our team will review your request and it will be approved if your light is repairable.
  3. If your request is approved, you'll receive instructions about how to send your unit to us for repair.
  4. If your light is not repairable, we will reach out to you with additional options.

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