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Servicing My Out-of-Warranty Light

Out of warranty repair steps.


How can I get my light repaired if it is out of warranty?

There is no better display of quality for Fenix than to see a customer still using his/her light well beyond the warranty period. Therefore, it is our desire to repair your out-of-warranty light as long as feasible. For the life of your light, repair

Can I purchase a tail cap or a tail switch for my Fenix flashlight?

We are not able to sell extra parts for flashlights. If you have a light that has a defective part please first search in the top left of this page for troubleshooting steps for your model, then follow the instructions on the bottom of that page if t

My Fenix flashlight will not turn off unless I remove the tail cap. What can I do?

Please follow these troubleshooting steps found on this page and if they don't work, follow the RA request instructions on the same page.