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How do the Fenix remote pressure switches function?Updated 2 years ago

All Fenix remote pressure switches have two buttons, a power switch and a pressure switch.

The AER-01, AER-02 V2, and AER-03 V2 all work on different flashlights that use 18650 batteries.

The AER-01's pressure switch will only access a momentary-on function while the power switch will turn the light on and off. The AER-02 and AER-02 V2 functions in a similar manner except in the case of the PD35TAC in tactical mode. In this mode the pressure switch would be able to change the brightness levels but would still only be a momentary-on function. You would also be able to change the brightness levels with a half-press of the power switch.

The AER-03 and AER-03 V2 pressure switch only works for lights that have dual tail switches like the older style TK16 and TK25 series lights. For these lights the main button would turn on the light and the pressure switch would change the brightness levels. In the case of the TK16 the pressure switch would also access instant strobe.

The AER-04 pressure switch is designed for use with lights that use 21700 batteries and have a larger body diameter. These lights include things like the TK30, TK22 V2, TK22UE, and HT18

The AER-05 pressure switch is also used with lights that use 21700 batteries, but is specifically designed for those flashlights that use Fenix's patented APF technology. These lights include the TK16 V2, TK28TAC, and PD36TAC.

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