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My Fenix flashlight is outside of the full-coverage warranty period. What do I do?Updated 2 years ago

Fenix offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. There is a full-coverage period where both parts and labor are covered. You can see more details about the warranty here. After the Full-Coverage period is over you have a Limited-coverage Warranty for the life of your light. Repairs will be made with no labor charges and as long as parts are available from the manufacturer. You will be charged for the parts needed to repair your light.  You are to pay the shipping to the address provided in the Warranty and Repair Form. We will cover the shipping back to you after the light has been repaired. Please first search for your light on our Knowledge Base and FAQs page and try the troubleshooting options available there. If the troubleshooting does not fix your issue, you can follow the instructions at the bottom of that page to request an RA either through the RA request form or through your Customer Account if the light was purchased directly from Fenix-Store.com.

If parts are no longer available for your flashlight, you will be offered a discount on the purchase of an upgraded model.

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