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What Fenix rechargeable flashlight has a focused beam and good throw?Updated 2 years ago

We have quite a few excellent Fenix rechargeable flashlights that feature a great throw. To start with, if you're wanting a handheld, compact flashlight with a great throw we have the Fenix TK30 LED Laser flashlight. It delivers 500 lumens and has a maximum beam distance of 3937 feet/1200 meters. While it is not directly rechargeable, it does include a USB rechargeable 21700 battery

We also have the Fenix HT30R flashlight which is basically a rechargeable upgrade to the TK30. It features direct onboard USB-C charging and features a 500 lumen output that reaches over 4900 feet!

If you're wanting a bigger flashlight, we recommend the Fenix LR80R searchlight. This rechargeable flashlight features a max output of 6000 lumens and maximum beam distance of 2395 feet / 730 meters. It also features direct micro USB charging. Check out the Fenix LR80R rechargeable flashlight. 

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