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Fenix LR80R FAQs

What are the most powerful Fenix flashlights?

The Fenix powerhouses start at 9000 lumens and go all the way up to an incredible 12,000 lumen output!. The Fenix TK72R is a compact beast! It puts out a maximum output of 9000 lumens in a very compact size. You won't see a lot of throw since this li

Can I change the battery in the Fenix LR80R?

The Fenix LR80R is a built-in battery and cannot be removed. It uses a 7.2V/12000mAh li-ion battery pack that can be charged through the flashlight using the USB-C charging port. To learn more about the Fenix LR80R, visit our blog.

What Fenix rechargeable flashlight has a focused beam and good throw?

We have quite a few excellent Fenix rechargeable flashlights that feature a great throw. To start with, if you're wanting a handheld, compact flashlight with a great throw we have the Fenix TK30 LED Laser flashlight. It delivers 500 lumens and has a

How do you charge and discharge the LR80R?

The LR80R is rechargeable and also features the ability to charge other devices from it. To charge the flashlight, plug a USB-C charging cable into the USB-C sized port on the flashlight. To charge other devices from the LR80R, plug a charging cable

What batteries can be used in the LR80R?

The LR80R flashlight can only use the built-in battery pack that is included with the flashlight.

What is the beam angle of the LR80R?

The LR80R features a two-part beam with a center hot spot and wider flood ring. The hot spot beam angle is 9° and a flood ring beam angle is 58°.

How does the LR80R proximity sensor work?

The proximity sensor will protect the light from damaging itself if it ever is accidentally left on while close to a surface. Be aware that this may result in automatic step-down in some areas with particularly reflective surfaces, or in rain or othe

Does the LR80R feature overheat protection?

Yes, the light will reach high temperatures, especially on the brighter output levels. If the light reaches a temperature of 140° F (60° C) it will drop from high output levels and prevent you from reaching them again. Once the light has cooled below

Does the LR80R have any standby current?

The standby current of the LR80R is less than 100µA.