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What's the main difference between Lumens and what is a good Lumen number?Updated 2 years ago

The main difference in lumens is just simply the brightness. The higher, the brighter. The beam pattern will have a good amount of influence on how bright the light appears to be and how bright it actually is. As well as 1000 vs 3000 lumens, it would depend on what the use of the light is. If you are looking for just an everyday carry, we would say 1000 lumens is certainly enough. If you are looking to do more, such as search and rescue or caving, then the more the merrier. One thing to be aware of is that higher lumen lights can get quite hot if you keep them on their higher brightness levels for a while. Also remember that as the lumens get higher, the difference is less perceptible. For example, the difference between a 100 lumen light and a 200 lumen light is rather significant but the difference between a 3000 lumen light and a 3500 lumen light is not very noticeable.

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