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Am I allowed to do modifications to my Fenix flashlight?

Doing any modifications to your Fenix flashlight will void the warranty.

Are all Fenix bike light mounts compatible with all Fenix bike lights?

Yes, you can use any Fenix bike light mount with any Fenix bike light. Check out our bike lights. This information may change in the future

Are all tactical flashlights considered weapon lights?

Any flashlight that fits our ALG-00 and ALG-01 could be considered a "weapon light." There is not an official designation of what defines a "weapon light" but if it fits in either of those weapon mounts it could be mounted on any rifle that features

Are Fenix flashlights waterproof?

Most Fenix flashlights are waterproof and many others are water resistant. Please check the IP rating on the LED flashlights you're interested in to determine if it's waterproof. IP Ratings. A Quick Note About IP Ratings. In an IP rating, you'll typi

Are Fenix headlamps waterproof?

All Fenix headlamps are highly water resistant. Some are IP68 rated waterproof which means they could be submerged in two meters of water for 30 minutes and be fine. Some are IP67 rated waterproof which means they could be submerged in one meter of w

Are Fenix products made in the USA?

No, Fenix products are manufactured in China. Fenix Light Limited, the manufacturer, is also based out of China. Fenix-Store.com is one of two official distributors for the United States. Fenix-Store is owned and run by Land Run Brands LLC which is o

Are there any Fenix flashlights for mining, industrial work, or other hazardous environments?

Fenix has created the WF series flashlights which include intrinsically safe lights. These lights are ideal when working in hazardous environments.

Are there any Fenix flashlights with a TIR lens?

No, we do not have any Fenix flashlights that feature a TIR lens at this time. This information may change in the future.

Are there any retailers who carry Fenix flashlights?

Yes, there are a few retailers who carry Fenix flashlights including Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy, and other outdoor focused stores. Check with your local outdoor stores to see if they carry Fenix flashlights. You can also contact us and we may be

Are there instructions on how to take apart my Fenix flashlight?

Fenix flashlights are not meant to be dismantled. Please don't dismantle the flashlight as taking the flashlight apart will void the warranty.

Batteries leaked or corroded in my Fenix flashlight. What should I do?

The first thing to do will be of course to remove the corroded batteries. Then wipe out all areas exposed to corrosion with a clean cloth or paper towel. Next make a thick solution of baking soda and water. Using an old toothbrush or some other kind

Can a 16340 battery be used in place of a CR123A battery?

It depends on which Fenix flashlight you're using. It is important to remember that even if the 16340 and CR123 batteries are of similar size and shape, they are different from one another. Check the product listing of the flashlight you're intereste

Can a USB rechargeable battery be charged in a Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight?

Yes it is possible but we do not recommend it. You can charge a USB rechargeable battery using a USB rechargeable flashlight, but we have seen cases where there was interference between the battery and the flashlight. So we recommend you use a non-US

Can Fenix AA and AAA flashlights use Energizer lithium batteries?

Yes, all of our AA and AAA Fenix flashlights will accept Energizer lithium batteries. AA and AAA flashlights have come a long way. Now you can find powerful AA powered flashlights with many features, perfect for professional work, EDC, survival kits,

Can Fenix AA flashlights use Li/FeS2 batteries?

No, these batteries are not recommended in Fenix flashlights. Please check the battery chart located on the product page of the AA flashlight you're interested in to see which batteries are compatible with the flashlight.

Can Fenix flashlights take extreme temperatures like high 120 degrees?

Yes, Fenix flashlights can be used in a range of -4º F to 140ºF. It's important to remember that most flashlights will get hot when used in the turbo brightness level. When using the flashlight in hot temperatures, keeping it on the turbo level for t

Can Fenix headlamps attach to a baseball cap?

Fenix headlamps are not able to attach to baseball caps. However, we do have flashlights that feature a reversible clip so that you can attach it onto a ball cap. Check out the Fenix E-LITE, RC05, RC11, PD36R, and LD30.

Can Fenix headlamps work in subzero or freezing temperatures?

Yes, Fenix headlamps can handle extreme temperatures. However, the main concern will be with the battery. You will want to use a headlamp that runs on CR123 batteries because they are more cold-resistant than 18650 batteries and will not slowly drain

Can Fenix USB rechargeable flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and batteries be charged using a computer USB port?

Yes, you can charge Fenix USB rechargeable products using a computer USB port. You'll most likely see a slower charge when using a computer's USB port. If you're wanting a faster charge, we'd recommend using a USB wall adapter. Check out our article

Can I change the bulb in my Fenix flashlight?

No, you are not able to get into the head of the flashlight to change the bulb without disassembling the flashlight which would void the warranty.

Can I change the color of the headband that comes with a Fenix headlamp?

No we are not able to change the color of headband that your Fenix headlamp comes with. It is pre-packaged with the light. If you order extra headbands you can request a specific color but we may or may not have any other options on hand. The standar

Can I charge an unprotected battery in a Fenix rechargeabe flashlight, headlamp, or bike light?

While it is not recommended to use or charge non-protected cells in any Fenix flashlight, headlamp, bike light, or charger, Fenix rechargeable lights feature protection circuits and therefore should be fine. Learn more about protected batteries.

Can I leave my Fenix rechargeable flashlight plugged in all the time?

For the best battery life, it is not recommended that you constantly charge the light and it is also not recommended to drain the battery to completely dead before recharging. Somewhere in the middle between always charging and rarely charging is whe

Can I mount my Fenix flashlight onto a shotgun?

Due to the high recoil of shotguns, we don't recommend using Fenix flashlights on shotguns. The circuitry in our Fenix flashlights are not built to withstand the shotgun's high recoil. However, Fenix flashlights would be able to withstand the recoil

Can I order a belt clip for my Fenix flashlight?

Depending on which Fenix flashlight you own, you may be able to purchase the Fenix AB02 belt clip. Check out the accessory compatibility list to see if your Fenix light is compatible. Many Fenix flashlights come with a pocket clip and/or a holster wh

Can I order a new tail switch rubber boot cover for my Fenix flashlight?

We do sell parts and accessories for Fenix items. Please use our Contact Us form to let us know which part you're looking for and we'll get back to you

Can I order a two-way pocket clip for my Fenix flashlight?

Depending on your flashlight, we may have an option available for you. Please fill out our Contact Us form and we'd be happy to assist you.

Can I power my Fenix flashlight or headlamp with non-rechargeable lithium batteries?

No, non-rechargeable lithium batteries are not compatible with any Fenix flashlight. You can use either non-rechargeable alkaline batteries or you can use rechargeable lithium-ions depending on the flashlight. Please check the product listing of whic

Can I purchase a headband for Fenix headlamp?

Yes we do offer replacement headbands for purchase. Please contact our customer service department through our Contact Us form to see if the headband you need is available.

Can I purchase a more powerful battery for my Fenix HL40R headlamp than the 2000mAh battery it comes with?

No, the Fenix HL40R headlamp has a built-in 2000mAh Li-polymer battery pack and cannot be removed. You may like the Fenix HL60R instead since you can remove the battery and get a higher capacity one.

Can I purchase a tail cap or a tail switch for my Fenix flashlight?

We are not able to sell extra parts for flashlights. If you have a light that has become defective it may covered under the warranty, or you can purchase a replacement part if it is out of warranty. Please go to the returns page to request a return i

Can I purchase o-rings for my Fenix flashlight?

Yes, we do have o-rings available. Please contact us using our Contact Us form and we'd be happy to assist you.

Can I purchase the Fenix BA4C battery case?

We do sell the Fenix BA4C battery case. Please contact us to check if we have the item you're looking for in stock.

Can I recharge my USB rechargeable flashlight using a USB charger for my iPhone or iPad?

No, you cannot charge your Fenix rechargeable flashlight with a charging cable from an Apple product. Apple products use a Lightening cable to charge. Most Fenix rechargeable flashlights feature a micro-USB port and some feature a USB-C port. However

Can I register multiple Fenix lights using a single e-mail?

Please register your products here. You must register each light one at a time but can register multiple units under the same email address.

Can I remove the strike bezel on my Fenix flashlight and still use the flashlight?

No, you cannot take the strike bezel off any Fenix flashlight. Fenix has created tactical flashlights with smaller bezels so that the flashlight can be easy to carry while still being used for self-defense if necessary. However, if you'd prefer a fla

Can I switch the tail caps of one Fenix flashlight with another?

Some tail caps are the same across models like between the PD35 V2 and the UC35 V2 but many are not compatible. You would not be able to swap tail caps that are completely different like putting a tail cap with a switch onto a light that does not nor

Can I upgrade any internal components of my older Fenix flashlight with a newer version?

We are unable to change out any internal components of Fenix flashlights.

Can I upgrade or trade-in my old or discontinued unit to a current model?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do upgrades or trade-ins for older flashlights. However, if you contact our customer service department, we may be able to arrange a special discount for you!

Can I use a Fenix 16340 battery in my older Fenix E15 that was released before 2016?

No, only the 2016 edition Fenix E15 can accept 16340 batteries. Editions older than 2016 are not able to use 16340 batteries. We do have many flashlights that are compatible with 16340 batteries including the Fenix E18R V2 EDC flashlight.

Can I use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in my Fenix PD20 flashlight?

No, the Fenix PD20 is not compatible with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and is only able to use CR123A lithium batteries. Browse our Fenix 18650 flashlights to see if there's one that catches your eye.

Can I use a USB AC adapter with a Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight or Fenix charger?

Yes, you can use a USB AC adapter with a Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight and Fenix charger. Fenix rechargeable flashlights and certain Fenix chargers are able to charge using any USB port including a USB wall adapter, a USB port on the computer, a

Can I use any 18650 battery in my Fenix flashlight?

NOT all 18650 battery brands are the same size (or quality). Fenix lights require 18650 batteries that are 3.6/3.7 volts. That's very important. If you are shopping other brands, then you need to get one that is the same size (length and diameter) as

Can I use Duracell batteries in my Fenix flashlight?

With lithium-ion batteries, we don't recommend using anything other than Fenix batteries. However, you are able to use a Duracell 18650 battery with many Fenix flashlights. With alkaline batteries, we do not recommend using Duracell batteries within

Can I use rechargeable RC123A batteries in Fenix lights?

Unfortunately Fenix lights are not able to use the rechargeable CR123A batteries, also called RCR123A batteries. If you want to use rechargeable batteries in your Fenix light you must use 18650 batteries or, in certain cases, 16340 and 14500 batterie

Can I use Samsung batteries in Fenix lights?

Yes, you are able to use Samsung batteries in Fenix lights.

Can I use the Fenix E15 on a keychain?

The Fenix E15 does have a small hole in the tail so you could put a small split ring it in. You would probably lose the flashlight's ability to tail stand if you put the split ring in the hole. Browse more of our everyday carry flashlights.

Can I use unprotected 18650 lithium-ion batteries in my Fenix flashlight, headlamp, or bike light?

We highly recommend that you DO NOT use unprotected cells in any Fenix flashlight, headlamp, or bike light

Can the discharge feature on Fenix chargers power an iPhone?

No, the discharge feature only works for micro USB devices. Please note that not all devices will work the Fenix battery chargers.

Can the Fenix HL35 headlamp be tilted up or down or is the headlamp locked in place?

Yes, the Fenix HL35 headlamp does rotate up and down.

Can the top portion of the headband be removed and re-installed on Fenix headlamps?

Yes, it can be removed. If you look underneath the headband at the part where it connects in the front and back, you'll notice a small split in the plastic that you can pull the headband through. You can then use it without the top headband and easil

Can you explain more about what the APF technology is, how the technology works, and how the technology is different from the hall-effect switches?

To put it simply, multi-functional tail switches encrypt your operation order to the head. Then the head circle-board decodes the order and transfers it to the LEDs.

Can you upgrade the battery included with a flashlight to a battery with higher milliamps?

Fenix flashlights and lanterns with included batteries come pre-packaged and therefore the batteries cannot be exchanged before shipping. You will need to buy these batteries separately in addition to the item. This will grant you backups in case you

Do any Fenix bike lights fit on the vertical bar?

No, all Fenix bike lights are designed to fit on the handle bar rather than the frame of the bike. This allows the light to point in the direction that the bike is turning as it does so. Browse our Fenix bike lights.

Do Fenix 18650 lithium ion batteries work in other non-Fenix devices?

Yes, our Fenix 18650 batteries should work in most devices that use an 18650 battery. It's important to note, that some products prefer flat top 18650 batteries over our button top 18650 batteries.

Do Fenix flashlights come with batteries?

Fenix rechargeable flashlights will come with batteries. However, non-rechargeable Fenix flashlights usually won't come with a battery. A good way to tell is that the "UC" series, "RC" series, and all flashlights ending with the letter "R" (TK20R) wi

Do Fenix flashlights have glass lenses?

The majority of Fenix products have a glass lens. The only flashlights you'll find on Fenix-Store that have a plastic lens are listed below. If you do not see a model on this list it means that it has a glass lens. Models with plastic lenes:. E05E12

Do Fenix flashlights have parasitic drain?

Yes, many Fenix flashlights have a slight parasitic drain, specifically the ones that feature digital switches. This is due to the fact that the light needs to draw a very small amount of energy to detect when it is being turned on.

Do Fenix flashlights have reverse polarity protection?

Yes, all Fenix flashlights have reverse polarity protection

Do Fenix flashlights that use APF technology require a mechanical tail switch, electronic side switch, or rotary switch?

No. APF is just a technology and can work with either mechanical or electronic switches or a combination. For the TK11 TAC, the tail switch is a mechanical-electronic combination. The rotating switch is mechanical; the forward switch is electronic. A

Do Fenix flashlights use CREE LED bulbs?

Fenix flashlights mostly use either CREE LED or Luminus LED. Check the product description of any Fenix flashlight you're interested in to see which brand of LED it uses. This information may change in the future.

Do Fenix flashlights, headlamps, or bike lights work with Nitecore batteries?

All Fenix products can work with the majority of high quality batteries. However it should be noted that many Fenix flashlights require button top batteries.

Do I have to recharge the batteries in my Fenix rechargeable flashlight or can I use a battery charger?

If your light uses an 18650 or other standard type of battery you can charge the batteries that come inside your Fenix rechargeable flashlight through the flashlight or on a charger. You don't need to specifically charge them using the flashlight's c

Do the batteries in my rechargeable flashlight have to be charged through the flashlight or can I use a battery charger?

If your light uses a 21700, 18650, or other standard type of battery you can charge the batteries that come inside your Fenix rechargeable flashlight through the flashlight or on a charger. You don't need to specifically charge them using the flashli

Do you carry tactical flashlights that feature a red light?

Yes, we have the TK26R flashlight that has built-in red and green LEDs. We also have the HT18 which comes with specialized colored filters, including a red one!. You can also check on the accessory compatibility list to see other flashlights that are

Do you have a Fenix battery charger for the Fenix ARB-L26-4500P battery?

The ARB-L26-4500P battery is only intended to charge inside the Fenix PD40R flashlight and will not charge with any Fenix battery charger.

Do you have a Fenix flashlight that is considered intrinsically safe?

Yes, we have the Fenix WF05E, Fenix WF11E, and Fenix WF30RE flashlights which are all intrinsically safe. The WF30RE is also rechargeable!

Do you have a Fenix flashlight with a single output?

No, all of our Fenix flashlights have multiple outputs. The light that we have with the fewest number of outputs is the E02R with two outputs. This information may change in the future

Do you have a Fenix flashlight with an infrared beam?

Unfortunately, Fenix does not currently carry a flashlight with an infrared beam. This information may change in the future.

Do you have a Fenix ultraviolet flashlight?

Yes, we have two pen lights available that have UV options, the LD02 V2 and the LD05 V2. This information may change in the future.

Do you have a flashing front or back Fenix light for bikes?

We do not have a front flashing bike light, but we do have a back flashing bike light. The Fenix BC05R flashing tail light is a great option. This information may change in the future.

Do you have a flashlight that features an adjustable focus, is rechargeable, and has a good LED?

We do have adjustable focus flashlights. Each flashlight comes with either a CREE LED or Luminus LED. However, none of them are directly rechargeable, but all of them do take rechargeable batteries.

Do you have a headlamp with a single function or output?

No, we do not have a headlamp that has a single function or output. All of our headlamps and flashlights feature multiple outputs.

Do you have a rubber headband or strap to help keep my Fenix headlamp on my hat?

We don't have a rubber headband. We have seen some people put black electrical tape in a couple of places on the band so that the band has that contact point.

Do you have a small Fenix flashlight with a red beam?

No, we do not have a small flashlight with a red LED. However, a small flashlight like the Fenix LD12 can use a red filter lens AD301. This information may change in the future.

Do you have a small Fenix pocket flashlight with an output of around 1000 lumens?

The Fenix LD30 is a powerful pocket flashlight with a maximum output of 1600 lumens. This flashlight is perfect for everyday carry and is 4.2 inches in length. The Fenix E30R is also very compact and features a maximum output of 1600 lumens. It's 3.9

Do you have alternate pocket clips for Fenix flashlights?

No, unfortunately, we do not have any alternative pocket clips. Fenix flashlights only work with the clip they come with.

Do you have any Fenix bike lights that run on AA batteries?

No, we do not have any Fenix bike lights that run on AA batteries. However, we have the BC30 V2.0 bike light that can run on CR123A batteries. This information may change in the future.

Do you have any Fenix flashlights that run on 10440 batteries?

No, we do not have any flashlights that run on 10440 batteries. If you're interested in keychain flashlights, we recommend you look at the Fenix E03R and E02R rechargeable keychain lights and the Fenix E01 V2 keychain flashlight.

Do you have any Fenix flashlights with an adjustable focus?

We do have the Fenix FD41 flashlight which has an adjustable focus. Any flashlight from the FD series will have an adjustable focus.

Do you have any open-box, refurbished, or returned Fenix flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and accessories?

Yes, check out our clearance section where you'll find many great deals including open box and returned items.

Do you have discounts during Black Friday?

We send out a newsletter with all of our discounts and sales that we're having, including Black Friday. Make sure to sign up for it by scrolling to the bottom of our Fenix Store page and entering your email.  You'll receive news about sales, new rele

Do you have MSDS sheets for Fenix products?

We do have MSDS sheets available. Please reach out to us using our Contact Us form and we'll be happy to assist!

Do you have upgrades for my Fenix flashlight?

There may be an upgraded version of your light out. Try to first search for the same model number that you have to see if there is a newer version available. If you have a question about a specific model you can contact us using our Contact Us form.

Do you have USB rechargeable AAAA batteries?

We do not carry AAAA batteries. We do carry AAA batteries, but they are not USB rechargeable. If you're interested in learning more about batteries, check out our blog where we cover different battery types.

Do you offer any package deals?

Yes we do! You can browse our Fenix flashlight bundle section where we offer multiple package deals.

Do you offer discounts for military or first responders?

Yes, we are happy to help support those who have been in service. We offer discounts to military, first responders, medical staff, teachers, commercial drivers, and government purchasers through VerifyPass. You must have an account with VerifyPass in

Do you sell belt holsters for my Fenix flashlight?

There are a few options we have for holsters. If you would like to purchase the same holster that your light came with, please reach out to us using our Contact Us form to see if we have the specific item you're looking for. Otherwise, we also have t

Do you sell bulbs for Fenix flashlights?

No, we do not sell bulbs for any of our flashlights. Taking apart the flashlights can break the waterproofing on them. If a Fenix LED needs to be replaced, you must send the light in for repair. Please submit an RA request form to get started with wa

Do you sell micro USB charging cables?

Yes, you can find spare micro USB charging cables here.

Do you sell rechargeable CR123A lithium batteries?

No, we do not sell rechargeable CR123A lithium batteries because they are not compatible with Fenix lights. You can find more information about which batteries your Fenix flashlight is compatible with by checking its product page or user manual. You

Do you sell replacement brackets for Fenix headlamps?

Yes we do sell replacement brackets for Fenix headlamps. Please contact us to see if we have the part you're looking for.

Do you still sell the ARE-C2 charger?

The Fenix ARE-C2 charger is discontinued and we no longer sell it. It was replaced by the Fenix ARE-A4 multicharger.

Does APF allow Fenix lights to be brighter than 2200 lumens?

Yes. APF is a way to allow those tail-switch-controlled flashlights to step into the age of high output above 2000 lumens. Not the only way, but a better way. A perfect support for those high-output LEDs and high-performance batteries. The APF system

Does Fenix make a headlamp that has different colored LEDs such as red, green, blue?

We do not have a headlamp that has blue or green LEDs and other headlamps with red light like the HL60R only offer a very low-level red light for map reading. However, the Fenix HL40R is compatible with the AOF-M filters that come in red, blue, and g

Does Fenix make a headlamp with a red LED that has more than one lumen?

No, we do not have a headlamp with a red output over 1 lumen. However, you can fit the AOF-M filter lenses on the Fenix HL40R headlamp. This would allow you to get red, green, or blue light in various outputs. This information may change in the futur

Does Fenix make a momentary-on only tail switch for Fenix tactical flashlights like the PD35 TAC?

No, Fenix does not make momentary-on only tail switches for their tactical flashlights. Please note that most Fenix lights, especially those that can be considered tactical, do have a momentary on feature built-in. You can view our top rated Fenix ta

Does Fenix offer any flashlights for marine or diving use?

Yes, we have the Fenix SD11 and Fenix SD20 dive lights. These flashlights are designed with marine and diving use in mind and can be underwater down to 100 meters (332 feet). Any Fenix flashlight in the SD series will be a diving light. This informat

Does the APF technology in Fenix lights cause a flicker?

No, unlike PFM, APF technology has no flickering effect.

Does the Fenix 26650 battery fit inside a Fenix PD35 (V1), PD35 V2.0, or PD35 TAC flashlight?

No, the 26650 battery is too big to fit inside a Fenix PD35 (V1), PD35 TAC, and PD35 V2.0 flashlights. These flashlights are only compatible with 18650 lithium-ion batteries and CR123A lithium batteries. Check out our blog to learn about different ba

What is the color temperature of my flashlight?

6500K and up: gives off a bright bluish hue of light

Which flashlights can be weapon mounted?

Generally, any flashlight that has a body diameter between .89 and 1.02 inches will fit with either of our two tactical ring mounts. These tactical ring mounts will fit on a standard picatinny rail. The ALG-00 will fit any flashlight with a body diam

Does the heat protection on Fenix flashlights react to the actual temperature of the flashlight or is based on a built-in timer?

It depends on the model. The heat protection on most Fenix flashlights reacts to the actual temperature of the flashlight. But there are some models that have a simple timer instead, most often on the highest setting.

How can I be sure I'm purchasing a genuine Fenix product?

When purchasing from Fenix-Store you can be confident that you're getting an official Fenix item as we are a certified Fenix distributor. If purchasing on a marketplace site such as Ebay, we recommend caution. Make sure that the seller allows for ret

How can I fix the button or tail switch on my flashlight?

For issues with the side switch, please contact our customer service department. For issues with the tail switch, please see the below instructions to tighten the switch if necessary. Be careful not to over-tighten!. NOTE:  NOT ALL FENIX FLASHLIGHTS

How can I order parts for my flashlight?

Unfortunately we do not have the inventory to allow customers to purchase parts directly on our website; our parts are reserved for use with warranty and repair claims. If your light is malfunctioning and you think that you may need a replacement par

How can I request a donation for my charity or event?

Please use our Contact form to reach out with your inquiry and we'd be happy to help you.

How can I get some cool Fenix swag?

Thank you for being a Fenix Fan! You can request freebies in the comments section when you place an order.

How can I tell how long a battery will last in my flashlight?

Check on the product listing of your Fenix flashlight to find the estimated run time for your flashlight. Some Fenix flashlights also come with battery capacity indicators which will give you a good idea of how much power is left in your battery. Che

How do I know when my battery is finished charging?

All Fenix products that charge batteries have a pretty clear way to tell when the battery is full!

How do I register my Fenix flashlight, headlamp, or bike light?

Please go to the manufacturer's website: http://fenixlight.com/ServiceRegister.aspx to register your flashlight.

How do I assemble a Fenix headband?

Please see the video below for instructions on how to assemble the new style of Fenix headband!.

How do I remove the pocket clip on a Fenix flashlight without hurting the flashlight or clip?

You will simply just work your fingers underneath the pocket clip until you have a good enough grip and then all you do is just pull until it comes off. No fancy way of getting it off, just need to pull it off. The clip should be able to withstand th

How do I select a headlamp? So many choices!

How to Select an LED Headlamp--Features to Consider. Fenix has a large variety in headlamps. Where do you being when zeroing in on one? First, consider the main use of the headlamp. Camping, hiking, industrial setting, sub-freezing environment, cavin

How do I write a review about my Fenix purchase?

A couple weeks after you order the product, you'll receive an email asking you to review your purchase. You can follow the link in the email to write a review. Your review will show up as a "verified buyer" if you chose to follow the link in the emai

How do the different button and switches work on my Fenix flashlight?

The operation depends on which Fenix light you're using. We recommend checking out the user manual that comes with your flashlight. Alternatively, you can find the user manual for your Fenix flashlight by visiting the manufacturer's website fenixligh

How much longer would a Fenix flashlight run if I were to use an 18650 3500mAh battery vs an 18650 2600mAh battery?

The flashlight's runtime would increase about 30% if you were to use the 3500mAh Fenix 18650 battery rather than the 2600mAh Fenix 18650 battery.

How much recoil can Fenix flashlights handle when mounted on a weapon?

Fenix flashlights can withstand most recoil. The only amount that we do not recommend using them with is on a shotgun. That recoil may cause the light to malfunction. If you're interested in hunting flashlights, be sure to check out our hunting flash

I have an older Fenix flashlight that runs on CR123 batteries. Can I use 18650 batteries instead?

This depends on which Fenix model you're referring to. We recommend visiting the manufacturer's website, Fenixlight.com, and searching for your Fenix model's manual to see which batteries are compatible.

Is APF technology affected by magnetic fields because of a hall-effect sensor?

While APF can work with hall-effect sensors, very few tactical products use them because it can cause accidental on/off, especially with some tactical gear like QD/QR buckle with a strong magnet. Fenix does not use any hall-effect sensor on tactical

Is APF technology limited by current?

No. While traditional forward switches on flashlights are limited by current, flashlights that use APF technology are not.

Is there a Fenix flashlight that does not downshift due to the heat protection?

No, all Fenix flashlights feature the overheat protection to protect both the internal components of the flashlight and the user.

Is it okay to use high drain batteries in my Fenix flashlight?

Fenix flashlights are not compatible with the "high drain" batteries. Due to the high output of our lights, these batteries are not compatible.

Is there a Fenix pen-sized flashlight that runs on AA or AAA batteries?

Yes, we do have 2 pen light LED flashlights that run on AAA batteries. We've listed them below. Fenix LD02 V2Fenix LD05 V2

Is there a white version of the Fenix BC05R bike light?

We do not have a white version of the Fenix BC05R bike light but may have some things that are similar that will work out for you. First, is the MC11 right angle light. The LD15R is a smaller rechargeable version the MC11. Lastly, would be the CL09 c

Is there an extension tube attachment to increase the runtime of my Fenix light?

No we do not have any battery expansion kits for any of our flashlights. We did formerly have one for the previous version of the TK75 but it has been since discontinued. This information may change in the future.

Is there padding to protect teeth when holding a Fenix flashlight in your mouth?

We don't have any padding to protect teeth, but you can try to use silicon and/or electrical tape and it should work just fine.

We don't have any padding to protect teeth, but you can try to use silicon and/or electrical tape and it should work just fine.

No, Fenix flashlights do not have interchangeable tail caps. You can use a diffuser tip in order to make your flashlight tail stand. Check the Accessory Compatibility List to see which diffuser tip will work with your Fenix flashlight.

My Fenix flashlight is hot to the touch after being on turbo mode for a time. Is this normal?

It's normal for a higher output flashlight to heat up. However, if you see smoke or smell an electric burning scent, this is not normal and could cause damage to the flashlights or batteries. If it's getting this hot, please fill out this RA request

My Fenix flashlight is turning on in its holster or in my pocket. What can I do?

Check to see if your Fenix flashlight has a lockout option. Many Fenix lights, especially those with just a side switch operation, have a lock out feature to prevent accidental activation. Please check the product information page or the user manual

My Fenix flashlight only stays on while holding down the tail switch. What can I do to fix it?

To help with this particular flashlight issue, please watch this video.

My unit's USB port is not working. Is it covered under warranty?

Yes, in the majority of cases a defective USB port would be covered under warranty. The only exception to this would be if you are responsible for the USB port breaking by incorrectly inserting the cable or by allowing it to be compromised by dust or

Should I use a 5 watt or 12 watt adapter to charge my Fenix rechargeable flashlight?

Either should be fine but to stay on the side of caution, we would recommend going with the 5-watt adapter to charge your light, just to protect the adapter as well as the light and battery.

Should I use a flat top battery or a button top battery in my Fenix flashlight?

All while older Fenix flashlights did use flat top batteries, many of our current models will only accept button top batteries, so we recommend purchasing those. Check out our battery selection. This information may change in the future.

The Cerakote Finish Elite series Fenix flashlight that I was interested in is out of stock. Will you be receiving more?

Some Elite series patterns are limited time only while others are restocked from time to time. If you are not seeing the specific Cerakote pattern that you're interested in, please contact us through our request form to see if and when the design you

The Fenix product I'm looking for is out of stock. When will it be available?

Please check the product listing to see if the Fenix product you're interested in is available or when it will be available. If you need more information you can also contact our customer service department by filling out this form.

The Fenix TK16 V2 has APF technology. What is APF technology?

First of all, we would like to share that this APF technology is leading the flashlight industry for at least 2-3 years. The benefits of APF and what it does:The APF (Advanced Pulse-Frequency Transmission System) was developed by Fenix laboratory, a

What AA flashlight would you recommend for a survival kit?

For a survival kit, we would recommend the Fenix LD22 LED flashlight because it runs on two AA batteries. It delivers 300 lumens, features multiple brightness levels, and is compact. If you want a higher output flashlight, we would recommend the Feni

What are Fenix lenses made out of?

The lenses on most Fenix lights are made of toughened ultra-clear glass that have an added anti-reflective coating. The only lights that do not have a glass lens are a couple of the very inexpensive units like the UC01.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a micro USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery versus a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that requires a battery charger?

One advantage of the micro USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is that you do not need to purchase a separate charger for these batteries. However, they are a little bit longer and don't work with all Fenix flashlights such as the Fenix PD35 V2.0.

What are the advantages of having a USB rechargeable flashlight vs. removing the batteries to charge them in a battery charger?

Fenix rechargeable flashlights are certainly more convenient simply because you can plug the flashlight in and charge the battery without removing the battery. One disadvantage is that if the battery's voltage is extremely low (deep-discharged), you

What are the differences between Fenix flashlight designations such as E, PD, LD, etc.?

Those letters used to represent more precise categories but as more lights have been released, they haven't been quite so clear. We generally define them as you can see below. Remember that these rules may not apply to all lights in a series. E Serie

What are the differences between the Fenix PD35 TAC and the Fenix PD35 V2.0?

While both are excellent LED flashlights, the PD35TAC and PD35 V2.0 do have a few differences. The Fenix PD35TAC features two operation modes: the Tactical Mode (access to turbo, low, and strobe) and the EDC Flashlight Mode, also known as outdoor mod

What are the differences between the Fenix PD35/PD35 V2.0 and the Fenix UC35/UC35 V2.0?

While both Fenix flashlights are compact and lightweight, the Fenix UC35 V2.0 (or UC35 V1) and the Fenix PD35 V1 (or PD35 V2.0) have many differences. The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is USB rechargeable and comes with an 18650 battery. The runtimes on the UC35 V

What are the main things to consider when selecting a flashlight?

Please read THIS ARTICLE

What are the smallest Fenix AA or AAA flashlights that fit with the AD301 red filter?

We have several options of small Fenix flashlights that fit with the Fenix AD301 red filter: Fenix RC09, Fenix LD11, Fenix LD12, Fenix LD22. Learn more about which accessory is compatible with which flashlight by checking our Accessory Compatibility

We have several options of small Fenix flashlights that fit with the Fenix AD301 red filter: Fenix RC09, Fenix LD11, Fenix LD12, Fenix LD22. Learn more about which accessory is compatible with which flashlight by checking our Accessory Compatibility

The Fenix LD42 1000 lumen flashlight is our best AA Flashlight!. This information may change in the future.

What battery works with the Fenix PD20 LED flashlight?

The Fenix PD20 LED flashlight is only compatible with CR123 batteries. You can find our listing for Tenergy CR123 batteries.

What can I do if a battery leaks in my flashlight?

Unfortunately, battery corrosion is not covered under the normal Fenix Warranty and it can be rather hard to rectify problems caused by it. We are happy to do what we can to get your Fenix light back in order, whether it be to clean up the acidic res

What does the Limited Lifetime Warranty Cover?

All Fenix flashlights are covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty. "Limited" refers to the fact that the warranty has a full-coverage warranty for a set period of time where both parts and labor are covered and then a limited warranty after that fo

What does the mAh mean in lithium-ion batteries?

The mAh stands for "milliamp." The mAh is basically the capacity of the battery so the higher the number of mAh, the longer the runtime will be before having to recharge your batteries. It's important to make sure you're using the correct size lithiu

What Fenix AA flashlight has a focused beam and good throw?

A Fenix AA flashlight we'd recommend would be the Fenix LD42. This flashlight has a maximum beam distance of 1148 feet and runs on 4 x AA batteries. Check out the Fenix LD42 LED flashlight.

What Fenix bike light is best for long rides?

The Fenix BC30 V2.0 bike light would be the best for long rides due to the fact that they accept multiple batteries. The BC30 V2.0 can take one 18650 or two CR123 batteries. This would allow you to carry extra sets of batteries to trade out during yo

What Fenix everyday carry (EDC) flashlights do you have that do not have a memory function?

We do have a few Fenix everyday carry flashlights that do not feature a memory function. We've listed this flashlights below. E01 V2 100 lumen LED flashlightE02R 200 lumen keychain LED flashlightE12 V2 160 lumen LED flashlightE30R 1600 lumen EDC flas

What Fenix flashlight or headlamp would make a good helmet light?

The Fenix HL60R headlamp is a great option as a helmet light because it's compatible with the Fenix ALG-03 headlamp helmet attachment. This information may change in the future.

What Fenix flashlight would be best for simple edc?

Our Fenix E12 V2 edc flashlight is simple to use and runs on a single AA battery. If you're wanting a flashlight that's still simple, but features more power, multiple outputs, and a strobe mode then check out the Fenix PD25. For more options, browse

What Fenix LED flashlight would you recommend for outdoor camping use?

We have many great flashlights to choose from when it comes to camping. Our most recommended flashlight currently would be the Fenix UC35 V2.0 rechargeable flashlight. It has a max output of 1000 lumens and features multiple brightness levels includi

What Fenix light is best for a firefighter?

For a handheld flashlight, we'd recommend the Fenix PD36R LED flashlight due to its aluminum heat resistant body, lightweight design, and reversible pocket clip for easy carrying. For a headlamp, we'd recommend the Fenix HL60R due to its aluminum hea

What Fenix lights offer a two-way pocket clip?

Here is a list of Fenix lights that have a two-way pocket clip:. More lights will continue to be made with this great newer style of click, so check back in the future!

What Fenix rechargeable flashlight has a focused beam and good throw?

We have quite a few excellent Fenix rechargeable flashlights that feature a great throw. To start with, if you're wanting a handheld, compact flashlight with a great throw we have the Fenix TK30 LED Laser flashlight. It delivers 500 lumens and has a

What flashlight would you recommend for keeping in my car?

We recommend using the Fenix PD32 for a car flashlight due to its compact size and simple user interface. However, if you plan to keep batteries in this flashlight while in the car we recommend only using CR123 batteries because they will not drain s

What international countries do you ship to?

Fenix-Store is no longer able to ship internationally. You must have your order shipped to an address within the USA.

What is the best AA flashlight?

"The Best" flashlight can vary a lot depending on what you need it for or what you plan to use it for!. The brightest AA flashlight that we have is the Fenix LD41 which has an output of 960 lumens. But it takes 4 batteries and is rather large, so it

What is the best Fenix flashlight for each battery type?

Below is a general list of Fenix flashlights by battery type. Single 18650 battery flashlights. Multi 18650 battery flashlights. 21700 battery flashlights. 16340 battery flashlights. AA battery flashlights. AAA battery flashlights. This information m

What is the best way to lubricate threads for Fenix flashlights?

We would recommend using some petroleum jelly or vaseline, but apply a VERY light amount so it does not interfere with the battery connection.

What small Fenix EDC flashlights feature a strobe mode?

We have quite a few Fenix EDC flashlights that feature strobe modes! Here are just some of the choices:

What unit is similar to the Fenix P1D flashlight?

The Fenix PD25 550 lumen flashlight is close in size and function and also can run on a CR123 or 16340. Browse our everyday carry flashlights. This information may change in the future.

What would you recommend for outdoor camping use?

We have many great flashlights to choose from when it comes to camping. Our most recommended flashlight currently would be the Fenix UC35 V2.0 rechargeable flashlight. It has a max output of 1000 lumens and features multiple brightness levels includi

What's a good general-use Fenix flashlight for walking at night?

We have several great options for a general-use Fenix flashlight. Below are some suggestions. Fenix UC35 V2.0 1000 lumen flashlight - this is a rechargeable handheld flashlightFenix UC30 1000 lumen flashlight - this is a rechargeable handheld flashli

What's the best Fenix tactical flashlight for self-defense?

We recommend the Fenix TK16 due to the instant strobe access and the strike bezel. Another great tactical flashlight option is the Fenix PD35TAC. We have many excellent tactical flashlights. Browse more of our Fenix tactical flashlights.

What's the difference between lumens and candelas?

Lumens measure how much total light a flashlight produces whereas candelas measure the amount of light that shines in a single direction. Looking at the Fenix PD36R and the Fenix E30R, both of these lights have a 1600 lumen output. However, the PD36R

What's the main difference between Lumens and what is a good Lumen number?

The main difference in lumens is just simply the brightness. The higher, the brighter. The beam pattern will have a good amount of influence on how bright the light appears to be and how bright it actually is. As well as 1000 vs 3000 lumens, it would

What's your longest throwing Fenix headlamp?

Our current longest throwing headlamps are the HM65R-T headlamp which has a maximum throw of 170 meters, and the HM65R headlamp which has a maximum throw of 163 meters. In third is the HM61R at 145 meters. Check out all of our Fenix headlamps. This i

When will my Fenix flashlight be upgraded?

We are unable to know exactly when a specific flashlight will be upgraded until Fenix announces an upgrade. Fenix continues to release more upgraded versions of their flashlights so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the latest

Where are Fenix brand flashlights manufactured?

Fenix is manufactured in China and we are an Official Distributor for them here in the United States.

Where can I find a user manual for my Fenix flashlight?

You can find the user manual for your Fenix flashlight by visiting the manufacturer's website.

Where can I find the candelas measurement for a Fenix flashlight?

On each Fenix light product page you can find the candela measurement. Find the Fenix light you're interested in and scroll through the pictures until you find the picture that says "Technical Parameters." In this picture, you'll see the candela rati

Which accessories are compatible with my Fenix flashlight?

Please check the Accessory Compatibility List to see which accessories work with your Fenix flashlight.

Which current Fenix flashlight is most similar to the Fenix PD20?

The Fenix PD25 is most similar to the PD20. Find out more information on the Fenix PD25. This information may change in the future. Check out the Fenix PD series.

Which Fenix bike lights feature a flashing mode?

These Fenix bike lights feature a flashing mode. BC05R Rechargeable Tail Light. BC30 V2 Bike Light with Wireless Control Switch. BC30R LED Bike Light. BC25R LED Bike Light. BC21R V2 Rechargeable Bike Light (discontinued). Learn more about about Fenix

Which Fenix bike lights have a mode memory function?

These Fenix bike lights feature mode memory functions:. Fenix BC25R bike lightFenix BC35R bike lightFenix BC21R bike light. Learn more about Fenix bike lights.

Which Fenix flashlight features an instant strobe and a memory function?

The Fenix TK16 features both an instant strobe and memory function. Check out the Fenix TK16 tactical flashlight. Check out our other tactical flashlights. This information may change in the future.

Which Fenix flashlight has the best throwing beam?

The Fenix TK30 has the most focused beam and a maximum throw of 1200 meters.

Which Fenix flashlight series is the most durable?

All Fenix flashlights are rated IP68 fully dustproof and waterproof and are impact resistant. All Fenix headlamps and bike lights are IP66 rated fully dustproof and highly water resistant. A select few headlamps are also IP68. Therefore, no one serie

Which Fenix flashlight is best for camping?

We have many great flashlights to choose from when it comes to camping. Our most recommended flashlight currently would be the Fenix UC35 V2.0 rechargeable flashlight. It has a max output of 1000 lumens and features multiple brightness levels includi

Which Fenix flashlight would work best for a home inspector?

We have several excellent flashlights that will work for home inspectors. We'll list a few of them below. The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is a handheld, bright flashlight that delivers 1000 lumens. It features multiple brightness levels, a battery capacity indic

Which Fenix flashlights are best for hunting?

We have quite a few Fenix flashlights that make excellent hunting lights including the TK20R, TK32, and TK25. These three tactical flashlights are high powered, delivering a max output of 1000 lumens, and compatible with multiple accessories ideal fo

Which Fenix flashlights does the ALP-MT flashlight holster work with?

Here is a list of Fenix flashlights that work with the ALP-10 flashlight holster:. With Head downward:TK Series: TK09, TK15, TK15C, and TK16, TK20R, TK22V2. With Head upward:SD Series: SD10. With the head upward/downwardPD Series: PD32, PD35 and PD36

Which Fenix flashlights feature a magnetic tail cap?

We have a few Fenix flashlights that feature a magnetic tail cap. You can see the list below:. Fenix E16 EDC flashlightFenix E18R LED FlashlightFenix LD15R Right-Angled LED flashlightFenix WT20R Multifunctional LED flashlightThis information may chan

Which Fenix flashlights have a mode memory function?

Here is a list of Fenix flashlights that feature a mode memory function:. Fenix E35UE 1000 lumen LED flashlightFenix E25UE 1000 lumen LED flashlightFenix E20 265 lumen LED flashlightFenix FD41 900 lumen LED flashlightFenix LD41 960 lumen LED flashlig

Which Fenix flashlights have a neutral white LED?

Many of our Fenix flashlights have a neutral white LED. Fenix specifies which flashlights feature a neutral white LED in the images of the flashlight and description. If you're interested in a particular model, check the images and description to see

Which Fenix flashlights have an instant strobe feature?

The Fenix TK16 tactical flashlight features our best instant strobe. Check out the Fenix TK16 or browse the rest of our tactical flashlights.

Which Fenix flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights work with the ARB-L18-3500 18650 battery?

Browse our Fenix Flashlights that will work with the Fenix ARB-L18-3500 battery. Browse our Fenix Headlamps that will work with the Fenix ARB-L18-3500 battery. Browse our Fenix Bike Lights that will work with the Fenix ARB-L18-3500 battery.Browse our

Which Fenix headlamps are compatible with CR123 lithium batteries?

Here is a list of Fenix headlamps that are compatible with CR123A lithium batteries: HL60R, HL55, HP25R, HL50, HM50R, and HP30R. This information could change in the future.

Which Fenix headlamps have a mode memory function?

Here is our list of Fenix headlamps that feature a mode memory function:. Fenix HL50Fenix HL55Fenix HL60RFenix HL26RFenix HL15Fenix HL10Fenix HP30RFenix HP15UEFenix HP25R. Learn more about How to Select an LED Headlamp.

Which Fenix lights feature an SOS mode?

We have many Fenix flashlights that feature an SOS mode. You can check out this list here:. E35UE 1000 lumensE25UE 1000 lumensLD22 300 lumensLD41 960 lumensLD15R 500 lumensLD30 1600 lumensLR40R 12000 lumensPD32 900 lumensPD40R 3000 lumensRC40 6000 lu

Which Fenix tactical flashlight would you recommend for military or law enforcement?

Here are a few recommendations for law enforcement and military Fenix lights:. The Fenix TK16 1000 lumen flashlight is a great option due to its instant strobe, dual tail switches, momentary-on, and strike bezel.The Fenix PD35TAC 1000 lumen flashligh

Which filters fit my Fenix LD11 LED flashlight?

The AD301 filter fits the Fenix LD11 LED flashlight.

Which filters will fit my Fenix flashlight?

You can easily see which filters will work with your Fenix flashlight by checking out the Accessory Compatibility List.

Which high lumen Fenix flashlights are able to run on CR213 batteries?

We have several high lumen Fenix flashlights that are compatible with CR123 batteries. These flashlights are 1000 lumens or higher: PD35TAC, TK20R, UC35 V2.0, UC30, PD35 V2.0, TK16, TK15UE, E35UE, TK32, TK25, TK25IR, TK25 R&B, SD11, and SD20. Browse

Why does my Fenix flashlight step-down in output from turbo?

The step-down feature depends on the environment you are using your Fenix flashlight in. If it is hot outside, the light has internal and external heat coming into play. When it is cold outside, that helps keep the light cool. The reason it drops dow

Why does my light turn on while plugged in and charging but not when unplugged?

Most Fenix flashlights and lanterns are able to turn on while they are plugged in. While they are connected to an external power source, the light will draw power directly from the wall or other type of output source, which will allow it to turn on.

Why is my Fenix flashlight not working with new batteries?

A flashlight can stop working for many different reasons. There could have been a manufacturing error, a circuit could blow, the switch could break, or it could be caused by damage during use. If your flashlight is not turning on we recommend that yo

Will I get the full output on my Fenix flashlight if I put a filter over the lens?

When you put a colored filter on a light, you get about 40% of the output.