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Which Fenix flashlight would work best for a home inspector?Updated 2 years ago

We have several excellent flashlights that will work for home inspectors. We'll list a few of them below.

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is a handheld, bright flashlight that delivers 1000 lumens. It features multiple brightness levels, a battery capacity indicator, and is USB rechargeable. It runs on an 18650 battery, but can also run on two CR123 batteries.
The Fenix LD42 is another great option because it runs on AA batteries. It delivers 1000 lumens, has multiple outputs, and features a rotary mode switching system. This is a great option if you're wanting a flashlight that runs on AA batteries. Learn more about the Fenix LD42 AA flashlight
The Fenix E30R is a very compact and powerful flashlight. It features a two-way pocket clip which is great for carrying and allows you to attach the light to a baseball cap to use as a makeshift headlamp. It delivers 1600 lumens, features a wide diffused beam, has multiple brightness levels, and has a low voltage warning. It also features a magnetic charging port for easy charging.

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