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Which Fenix flashlights have a neutral white LED?Updated 2 years ago

Many of our Fenix flashlights have a neutral white LED. Fenix specifies which flashlights feature a neutral white LED in the images of the flashlight and description. If you're interested in a particular model, check the images and description to see if it features a neutral white LED.

We'll also provide a list below:


  • E16 EDC Flashlight
  • LD12 Pocket Flashlight
  • SD11 Diving Light
  • TK35UE LED Flashlight
  • TK47 Dual Purpose LED Flashlight
  • TK65R Rechargeable LED Flashlight
  • TK35 LED Flashlight
  • WF05E Intrinsically Safe Flashlight
  • WF11E Intrinsically Safe Flashlight


  • HL60R USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp
  • HL55 LED Headlamp
  • HL50 LED Headlamp
  • HL15 Headlamp
  • HL12R Rechargeable Headlamp
  • HL16 LED Headlamp
  • HL18R-T LED Headlamp
  • HM23 Hiking Headlamp
  • HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp
  • HP25R LED Headlamp

Bike Lights

  • BC30R LED Bike Light
  • BC21R V2 Rechargeable Bike Light
  • BC25R LED Bike Light

Camping Lanterns

  • CL20R Rechargeable Lantern
  • CL09 LED Camping Lantern
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