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Which Fenix lights feature an SOS mode?Updated 2 years ago

We have many Fenix flashlights that feature an SOS mode. You can check out this list here: 

E35UE 1000 lumens
E25UE 1000 lumens
LD22 300 lumens
LD41 960 lumens
LD15R 500 lumens
LD30 1600 lumens
LR40R 12000 lumens
PD32 900 lumens
PD40R 3000 lumens
RC40 6000 lumens
TK35UE 3200 lumens
TK75 5100 lumens
TK65R 3200 lumens
TK35 1300 lumens
UC52 3100 lumens

HL40R 600 lumens
HL30 300 lumens
HL26R 450 lumens
HL32R 600 lumens
HL12R 400 lumens
HL16 70 lumens
HL18R 400 lumens
HP30R 1750 lumens
HP15UE 900 lumens

These lights feature a flashing mode: 
BK30R LED Bike Light
BC21R V2 Rechargeable Bike Light
BC25R LED Bike Light
CL20R Rechargeable Lantern (Red flashing feature)
CL09 LED Camping Lantern (Red flashing feature)
CL30R LED Camping Lantern
CL26R LED Camping Lantern (Red flashing feature)
CL23 LED Camping Lantern (Red flashing feature)

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