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Accident Protection Plan by Extend

All the details about the accidental damage protection offered through Extend!

How do I file a claim on my Extend Protection Plan?

Please navigate to Extend's virtual claims page. Their automated system will usually approve your claim within seconds, and you'll receive additional instructions on how to proceed!

What does the Protection Plan cover?

The protection plan covers your light in the event of any non-manufacturing defects. This most commonly refers to if the light is dropped or otherwise damaged during use. It is incredibly easy to file a claim on the Extend Claims Center and your clai

Why would I want to purchase a protection plan for my flashlight?

In short: to cover what is not covered by the warranty!. Fenix flashlights come with a great manufacturer's warranty. You are protected from all manufacturer defects for 5 years from your date of purchase! However, the manufacturer's warranty only co