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Fenix E18R V2 FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Fenix E18R V2 LED flashlight

What batteries work in the Fenix E18R (V1) flashlight?

The Fenix E18R rechargeable flashlight includes the ARB-L16-700 rechargeable 16340 battery. It is compatible with one 16340 li-ion battery or one non-rechargeable CR123 lithium battery. It's extremely small, making it perfect to pocket for everyday c

Is there a diffuser for the Fenix E18R (V1) rechargeable flashlight?

No, the Fenix E18R flashlight is not designed to be used with a diffuser since it would cover up the power button and the pocket clip would prevent the diffuser from going over the light. The good news is that the E18R already has a very nicely diffu

What small Fenix EDC flashlights feature a strobe mode?

We have quite a few Fenix EDC flashlights that feature strobe modes! Here are just some of the choices:

How do you charge the Fenix RC11?

The RC11 can only be charged through the magnetic charging port that is found on the back of the flashlight. It does not have an additional micro-USB or USB C charging port. This is true of any light that uses the magnetic charging function like the

Which battery chargers will work with the Fenix E18R (V1) batteries?

You can use the chargers listed below to charge 16340 lithium ion batteries: ARE-X2, ARE-A4, ARE-A2, ARE-D1, ARE-D2. Check out our battery chargers to find one that will work for you. This information may change in the future.

What is the charging current of the magnetic charging cable?

The included magnetic cable has a charging current of 1A.

What is the color temperature and working voltage of the E18R V2?

The color temperature of the E18R V2 is 6000K and the working voltage is 3.6V

Does the E18R (V1) have a lockout function?

Yes, it features a lockout function! To activate the lock, double-click the switch. To deactivate it, double-click it again. You may also use the pocket clip to help prevent accidental activation. Rotate the body clip to cover the switch. Rotate it a

What battery works in the E18R V2 flashlight?

The battery comes with the ARB-L16-700P rechargeable 16340 battery and it is compatible with other 16340 batteries as well. Please note that the included battery is more powerful than a standard 16340 battery so using a different 16340 may not give t

What LED is used in the E18R V2?

The E18R V2 uses the Luminus SST40 LED which has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

How long does it take to recharge the E18R V2?

The E18R V2 is directly rechargeable via the integrated USB Type-C charger. It will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge