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Fenix LR50R FAQs

What's the difference between the Fenix LR40R and the LR50R flashlights?

While both are searchlights and have the same output, they differ in major ways. The LR40R features 19 LEDs and has a spotlight and floodlight mode. The LR50R features 4 LEDs, has a single beam pattern, and has two operation modes - General and Funct

What are the most powerful Fenix flashlights?

The Fenix powerhouses start at 9000 lumens and go all the way up to an incredible 12,000 lumen output!. The Fenix TK72R is a compact beast! It puts out a maximum output of 9000 lumens in a very compact size. You won't see a lot of throw since this li

What batteries work in the Fenix LR50R LED flashlight?

The LR50R comes with the ARB-L52-16000 lithium-ion battery pack, but you can also use four 21700 lithium-ion batteries. In an emergency, you can use one to three 21700 batteries to power the light, but it won't deliver the full 12000 output.

What batteries can be used in the LR50R?

The LR50R includes the ARB-L52-16000 rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. You can also use between 1-4 21700 batteries in an emergency. Please note that the maximum output while using 21700 batteries is 6000 lumens.

How does the LR50R proximity sensor work?

The proximity sensor will protect the light from damaging itself if it ever is accidentally left on while close to a surface. Be aware that this may result in automatic step-down in some areas with particularly reflective surfaces, or in rain or othe

What fast charging protocols does the LR50R support?

The flashlight and included charging cable support PD3.0/PD2.0, and QC3.0/QC2.0 fast charging protocols. The flashlight will auto-detect if the AC adapter you are using supports these fast charging protocols. If it does support them a charging curren

Does the LR50R feature a lockout function?

Yes, it does. While the light is turned off, press and hold both switches for 3 seconds. The light will blink twice to indicate that it is now locked. To unlock the flashlight, press and hold both switches for 3 seconds. The light will then activate

What do the lights on the LR50R battery level indicator mean?

The battery level indicator features 4 blue lights. Four lights on: Between 100%-80%. Three lights on: Between 80%-60%. Two lights on: Between 60%-40%. One light on: Between 40%-20%. One light flashing: Between 20%-1%. Please note that the battery le

Does the LR50R feature overheat protection?

Yes the LR50R has two methods of overheat protection. First, it features time-limited downshift which will force the light to step down after a period of time while on higher output levels. Additionally, the LR50R features temperature sensors that wi